New Groups Launching!

Sunday, February 5th

Life Groups run on a semester basis — fall, spring and summer. You can sign up for a different group each semester, lead a group or continue with the group you connected with.

How to Join a Life Group?

We offer Life Groups in all stages of life. While we know it is intimidating to meet new people and be a stranger, we promise that you won’t be a stranger for long.

3 steps to sign up:

1. Choose your topic.

2. Choose your group.

3. Click the “Join this group” button. Add your contact info.

Once you have completed the contact form, the Life Group leader will contact you and talk about the next steps to get you connected. We are so excited that you are ready to get connected with a Life Group!

Want to lead a group?

The process is simple. We ask that you complete Open House. Upon completing the course, a time will be scheduled to meet with Brandy Ryan. Thanks for wanting to be a part of giving life to others!