You may not realize it,
but you’re part of a miracle.

The way that God has orchestrated the life of FCF can only be described as a miracle. We could talk for hours about the way the church began, and the way the land and buildings came to us. But we’d much rather tell you about the thousands of families that have been positively influenced and even transformed by God; broken marriages that have been beautifully reassembled; students set on a path to their best future; and men and women of all ages and backgrounds, experiencing true freedom for the very first time. We don’t take credit for any of that. That’s what makes it a miracle.

FCF is entering a time of growth and expansion. We are moving FORWARD with a 6-million dollar expansion plan on all 3 FCF campuses.

  • Upgrade Parking

  • Expansion of Current Buildings

  • Improvements to technology and decor

  • Upgrading the Theater at Springville Middle School

  •  Land/Building for Permanent Springville Campus

  •  1,000 Seat Worship Center

  • Maximize Current Facility for Kids and Students 

  • New Cafe Area 

Take the faith journey with us

We have a worksheet for you to plan your giving. You may want to set aside an amount to give weekly or monthly, or you may just want to set a total amount and give it all at once. That worksheet is for you. We don’t need you to make a commitment to us. The commitment is between you and God.

We would, however, like to know who is joining in with us so we can pray for you and keep you informed along the way. Please complete the “Count Me In” form below to let us know. We’ll be sure you are always up-to-date with the latest info.

You can give by cash, check, online or text at any point throughout the next 16 months. In addition, we will come together on 5th Sundays, and every dollar given on a 5th Sunday goes directly to FORWARD.

Count Me In

I want to be a part of Growing the Faith Family.

We’ll be sure you are always up-to-date with the latest info.


July 2019

What an amazing experience this FORWARD journey has been! Let us bring you up to date with the FORWARD progress.


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